One of the most serious challenges Brexit poses for Irish exporters, will be the new requirement for customs declarations for goods travelling to, or transiting through the UK.

Currently, Irish exporters submit 1.5 million customs declarations to Revenue, per annum. Post Brexit, with the UK outside of the EU Customs Union, this is expected to increase to 33 million. This means there will be a lot of new companies faced with meeting this new requirement, who have little or no experience or training, and no system in place to facilitate the export of their products. More Doom and Gloom?

But there are companies in Cork looking to change this narrative. Freight Station, a Cork company, founded by Kieran Gleeson and Steve Merrick is one of these companies.

According to Freight Station, in the post-Brexit market, the border begins at the user’s desk. The Freight Station software system, will for the first time, allow exporters process their own customs and transport documentation and communicate with other stakeholders, on a single cloud-based platform. The vision the founders have for the company, is to digitalise all processes, from transport to customs procedures, for these stakeholders on a single platform.

Freight Station is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based, digital platform and is designed for SME exporters, freight forwarders and hauliers. Company co-founder and CEO Kieran Gleeson wants “to bring existing networks who operate offline, online via the Freight Station platform”
Companies can now have all their documentation requirements, customs procedures, shipment booking system and instant proof of delivery all in the one place, and at their fingertips.

Systems like Freight Station will ensure that SMEs don’t get left behind by changes in regulations caused by a fractious and uncertain Brexit. This is a company to watch in 2019.